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Our Top 6 Shoot Locations in Singapore!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Location Photogrpahy is one of my favourites to photograph as you can capture very unique, candid, memorable photos. These are our top and most popular shoot locations however clients can choose to have their photography session at any location they like, which may be special to them.

1. Duxton Hill

Duxton Hill is probably our most popular location spot and my personal favourite to shoot at. Duxton offers a range of vibrant storefront doors and shophouses which make for some awesome portraits and timeless eye catching photographs for your home.

2. Joo Chiat

The famous "blue door"

Similarly to Duxton Hill, Joo Chiat has a lot of cool and quirky shophouse fronts and coloured walls. However Joo Chiat has a more light and airy feel to the photographs in comparison to Duxton which are more strong, heavy colours. I love how the sun shines through, onto the shophouses giving this gorgeous golden hour look.

3. Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens is always a winner to shoot at, the gorgeous scenery never lets you down in capturing goregous photos. While the gardens offer a vibrant colour palette of beautiful greens and yellows, the gardens also allow for stunning black and white photographs. I love black and white photographs as there is something so timeless about them.

Gardens are also a perfect location to shoot at if you have kids as they can run around and enjoy and I can capture candid images that standing infront of a shophouse in duxton hill or joo chiat doesn't really allow for. Ensuring the children are having a fun time is incredibly important otherwise especially for young kids their attention span won't last long and it will be harder to get good shots.

4. East Coast Park

East coast park is another great option for younger kids as they can run around and enjoy. What's different about botanical gardens and east coast park is that east coast park also has a beach in addition to the park. The beach is lovely for crisp, bright and airy photographs.

The park offers some virbant colours from the trees and other scenery, I love this for shooting potraits as it accentuates facial features and makes from some very eye catching, unique photographs. So at east coast park you have the option of the park and/or the beach. Parks are also a very good option if you plan on bringing a family pet along to the shoot.

5. Marina Bay/Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay are some of the most beautiful and picturesque gardens I have ever seen but what is also nice about these gardens is that you have the Singapore skyline as a backdrop, so if you are looking to capture some memories of Singapore, gardens by the bay is a great option. The early evening is a lovely time to capture photos as the sun is starting to set so the light is coming from behind the skyline and there is lovely golden hour lighting.

6. Chinese Gardens

Chinese gardens is another one of my personal favourites. It has some beautiful pagodas on the water which make an amazing backdrop. As usual, I love using a bright coloured door as a backdrop for potraits and Chinese gardens has a beautiful deep red coloured door. I think these gardens offer something unique and quintesentially singaporean which is nice as photographs are memories to look back on.

Location photography is a lovely option to capture unique, special memories of a place you love with your family so you can look back on these photographs in the future. If youre still thinking about whether to do a home session, location or studio or dont know what location is best for you, give us a call or email us at and we will suggest ideas and help you choose the best location for you .

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