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The Ultimate Guide to your Maternity Photo Shoot

Planning your dream pregnancy session with Littleones photography. We might not always think about doing pregnancy photos but capturing this special moment and bond between you and your bump is precious and a memory worth keeping. Read more about how the ultimate guide to booking yours.

Every Mum Deserves to Shine

It's no secret that while pregnancy and postpartum periods are filled with immense joy, they also come with their share of physical and emotional ups and downs. Not every mum feels like she's glowing all the time. But with the right lighting, wardrobe styling, and a touch of magic that comes from understanding, I aim to make every mum feel radiant and cherished. After nurturing and carrying a life for nine months, you deserve nothing less than to see the beauty in yourself during this incredible phase.

Selecting the Perfect Scene

Your maternity session is a reflection of your unique story. Whether you're drawn to the tranquility of nature, the sophistication of the city, the comfort of your home, or the studio, you can choose a style and setting to suit you and leave the rest to me to capture your story. Here are some ideas and suggestions to help you choose the right style for you....

I have over 20 years experience and am professionally qualified so choosing a studio photoshoot means you can be assured you are in safe hands with an expert! I will work with you to create a memorable and stunning photoshoot that you will cherish forever. I specialize in creating editorial-style images that redefine the concept of pregnancy photography, capturing the beauty and grace of this special time in your life.

Think 'Effortlessly Elegant Redefined' I believe that pregnancy photography should be a celebration of the beauty and grace of the female form, and my editorial approach ensures that every image is a work of art that you will be proud to display in your home.

We often overlook the place we spend our daily life’s in that are filled with memories of family life. What a meaningful place to do it, life inside these walls will never be the same again, in the most wonderful way!

The list is endless to choose from! From Lush tropical settings such as botanical gardens to arty and edgy city backdrops . Maybe somewhere meaningful to you. Think whimsical or  colours and light that reflect our beautiful tropical island. I have many wonderful places I can share with you.

Best Time to Book your Pregnancy Photoshoot

The best time for a maternity shoot is between 30-36 weeks when baby bump is nicely round, making it a perfect time to capture the pregnancy glow. And remember partners and pets are very welcome!

When planning your wardrobe, stick to classic and timeless pieces that flatter your changing figure while also showcasing your individual style. Flowy dresses, fitted tops or dresses and form-fitting gowns can all make for stunning photo opportunities. Take a look at the perfect outfits from Raph&Remy to make your shoot.

For styling, I will help you find outfits to wear that make you feel beautiful and comfortable and show off your style. The best part is to have fun with it and choose outfits that reflect your style. You can read more on outfits and ideas for your shoot by clicking on this link - Outfit ideas

Please don't worry about poses etc that's what I am here for and why you choose a professional and experienced photographer - I will put you at ease and to guide you into comfortable and flaterring poses and to create photographs that you will love.

Finally, don't forget to take some time to pamper yourself before the shoot. Whether it's a relaxing massage, a fresh haircut, or a manicure and pedicure, taking care of yourself will help you look and feel your best on the day of the shoot.

Booking your Pregnancy Photoshoot

So if you're ready to capture this special moment in your life in a way that is both elegant and effortless, book a pregnancy shoot with us today! We can't wait to work with you to create a stunning collection of images that you will treasure forever.

Please call me on 9728 1598 to have a chat and find out more about your Pregnancy Photoshoot and to get pricing. Or you can email me at


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