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The Secret To Capturing The Best Newborn Photos


1. Full tummy makes for a joyful baby

We recommend feeding your baby just before you arrive for our session or be prepared with give a little extra top up of breast milk or bring some extra bottles so that you can feed if needed during the session.  Babies with a full belly will sleep much more soundly. This means that you can get both awake and peaceful sleeping images for your collection.  We have a private area in our studio where you can feed your baby in peace and quiet.

2. Schedule naps

We always suggest that parents try to keep their baby awake for 1-2 hours prior to coming in to the studio. A good way to have them do this is by giving their baby a bath. This is a great way for the babies to exercise their lungs a bit before coming and tire themselves out a bit. It also helps their hair to be nice and fluffy (if they have any!).

3. Timing can make or break a session

We would recommend that you arrive at our studio mid morning or early afternoon. The best time to schedule your new arrivals photo shoot is within the first 10 days – 2 weeks. This is when they are super cute and sleepy.  Kate and Emily can then move them into the classic newborn poses easily. However, please remember that we can do the session at any ages, not just newborns.  Some parents even prefer to wait until the baby is a month old and are starting to smile before they schedule their shoot.

4.  Keep Calm and Snap On

Babies are very perceptive and can pick up on our energy. If you are nervous or anxious the baby will sense that and will not settle easily. The studio is very relaxed and comfortable with sofas and a coffee machine and magazines to read together with samples of our work to look at.  Newborn sessions can be quite time consuming so you should plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time before and after the shoot. If you are stressed about time the babies will sense that. Our typical newborn session lasts at least an hour and a half. It takes time to get newborns comfortably posed and sleeping soundly. It also takes time to perfect the little details like open hands and focused eyes.

5.  Leave it to the Professionals

Kate and Emily are professional trained photograhers and are amazing with babies. Clients often call them the babies whispers. You and your littleone are in safe hands with them. They know all the tips and tricks to get those beautiful photos. There is nothing to be worried or anxious about, we promise you’ll love all the photos! We provide each expecting parent our detailed newborn guide so that parents can plan ahead and know what to expect.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call 6440 7568

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