Top Tips for the Ultimate Cake Smash

Cake Smash Session


1. Decide on an outfit in advance

Remember that the outfit will get covered in cake so don’t choose an outfit that you don’t want to get stained or dirty.  If you decide to go for diaper only, a diaper cover is something to consider.


2. The Cake

Here at the studio we prefer white or light colored cake.  We don’t think dark cake looks that good smashed all over a baby’s face and mixed in with the frosting. The big “1” candles can come in handy in a photo session as it often helps to attract babies attention.  We use Temptations Cakes for all photo-shoots, please click the link to see samples of their work – TemptationsCakes


3.  Balloon backdrops

We recommend that you bring along some balloons to add colour and fun to your cake smash shoot.  Many parents get numerical balloons so that it’s easy to see this a birthday celebration.  Balloons also help to engage your child in the photo shoot for those picture perfect smiles


 4. Prepare the taste buds

We have found that those cake smash shoots when a baby tries the cake for the first time are much more limited.  Some babies tasting cake for the first time don’t enjoy the taste and texture.  We recommend that you allow your child to try and eat some cake a few weeks before the shoot so that they are comfortable and happy about touching and eating the cake on the day of the shoot


5.  Just go with it…

Some parents are anxious to get their child to eat and play with the cake immediately.  This is not always the case, we often advise for a relaxed and calm atmosphere and allow the child time to get used to the idea of touching and eating the cake.  We will wait patiently for the perfect shot when the child is ready



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