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Having not long returned from a wonderful Christmas break with my entire family in the UK to a Singapore gearing itself up for Chinese New Year an overriding emotion has grabbed me – to celebrate family.  In every culture this bond between parent and child, brother and sister is the thing that puts the colour in our lives.  There were so many faces around our Christmas table last month just as there will be at the many Reunion Dinner tables here next week as we each create our own family stories.


lt is far too easy to get dragged down by the sheer number of things to do to make these festivals happen but remember, to put at the top of your list, to simply enjoy family. Whenever we have a family in the studio, be it large or small, capturing this feeling of togetherness, this bond on film is our most important goal and in my experience it is always there to be found.  As a professional photographer in Singapore I love to see, that regardless of the number of members or where they are from, every family has a unique love that, if I do my job right, can be captured on film forever.


Professional Photographer in Singapore - Littleones Photography
Professional Photographer in Singapore – Littleones Photography

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