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Mia Johannah - Outdoor Photography Singapore - Littleones Photography
Mia Johannah – Outdoor Photography
Littleones Photography, Singapore


Mia is 3 years old and is suffering from an incurable life threatening illness called Battens Disease.


After meeting the wonderful parents of Mia recently at the charity event organized to raise awareness and funds for Mia’s ongoing care, we found out we were vacationing at the same time in Bali. I naturally therefore wanted to give them a gift to remember their time in SE Asia – a tropical photography session!


I hadn’t met Mia until they walked up the garden of our villa, and immediately she reached out to me and gave me a lovely warm  cuddle . She was beautiful and full of giggles and smiles. Mia is now very wobbly on her feet and is often falling and hurting herself. However on the morning of the photo session  we had a beautiful garden with a wonderful carpet of soft grass which Mia loved from the minute she stepped on it! She spent the next hour just running around the garden playing with Mummy  and Daddy and her little brother. The sense of freedom and happiness watching her walking and running was overwhelming.   The wonderful thing about a photograph is the memory it evokes and I hope whenever Peta and Hamish look back on these photos they remember the fun morning they all had in Bali together as a family.


I know the future is going to be immensely challenging for Mia and the whole family and I wish them all the love and best wishes. It makes you realize how important health is and reminds you to remember the important things in life which we all often take for granted – family, time and friends and to enjoy all the moments we have together.


To find out more about Batten’s  disease and hear more about Mia and her family’s story please visit the link below…..please support this beautiful family.


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