Outdoor Family Photography Singapore


We love finding new locations for family photography sessions. I meet a lovely family from the American school at the Chinese gardens here in Singapore yesterday. It was my first visit to the gardens and I’ve lived here for 7 years! I was not disappointed.


The garden boasts many wonderful settings to photograph the family and children. We found a beautiful bridge, there was plenty of open space with trees and a stunning traditional Chinese Pagoda that the children could run around with a spiral stair case inside. I was able to make some lovely family photography portraits with the water and Pagoda in the background. As a photographer in Singapore, we think it is great to include something in the background that reminds our clients of living on this lovely island and in Asia.


I arrived early at 8.30am before the crowds arrived and the light was perfect with the morning sun rising and casting soft rays on faces. Another advantage of shooting this early is the family does not get too hot.


The two children were a delight to photograph as they enjoyed the freedom to explore and run around making it a photographers dream to capture natural and candid images.


We were treated to seeing two monitor lizards play fighting in the sunshine which was a wonderful distraction for the children whilst I was able to take advantage of them standing still for a few minutes leaning over the bridge and make some beautiful close up portraits of them together and individually. View our Facebook page to see the monitor lizard photo


The colors in the garden add a vibrant and happy feel to the photographs – full of the traditional reds, yellows mixed together with the lush green of the gardens.


We have added this destination to our outdoor photography list and hope to go back again soon. If you are interested in having a wonderful memory of Singapore with your family give us a call to find out more.


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