Outdoor Family Photography in Singapore

Littleones Photography is very excited to be moving out – outdoors that is. We have recently started doing location shots for our clients around Singapore and we’re loving it as much as they are. Outdoor family photography in Singapore makes so much sense – this little island is full of fantastic locations for wonderful images of kids and families that forever capture the vibrancy of this city that is home for so many of us.

The clarity of the light here, combined with the rich beautiful colours that can be found in so many settings, from palm fringed beaches to parks filled with tropical foliage or Chinatown’s colourful streets  all combine to give us the perfect backdrop for great natural photographs that show children, teens and adults at their most relaxed and vibrant.

An outdoor photo shooting in Singapore is a fantastic idea regardless of whether you live here, have just arrived or whether you are soon to be leaving. This style of photography enables us to capture not only the essence of your family and children and memories of your time in Singapore.

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Outdoor Family Photography In Singapore
Outdoor Family Photography In Singapore

2 Responses to “Outdoor Family Photography in Singapore”
  1. Reem Alzahim


    We are a family if mother and 2 kids coming to Singapore on vacation next month. I’d like to heve some professional outdoor/street photoshoot session with my kids.
    Do you have a such service?
    What about the price?
    More details plz


    • Kate Griffiths

      Thanks for getting in touch. We would love to help capture some imagery for you.
      I’ve emailed you all the details.

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