Newborn Photography

Happy Easter everyone! We hope you have a lovely long weekend ahead.


Looking at my kids the other day busy with some Easter DIY craft project, I was trying to remember what they looked like when they were just born. Those tiny little fingers and toes, those adorable yawns and utterly soft velvety skin. And the scent of a newborn when just out of their bath… do I need to say more…


We can’t catch this delicious baby fragrance, but luckily I have lots of newborn photographs of my precious little ones to bring back those special moments. My children are now 7, 10, 13 and with birthdays in the next few months they’ll be one year old. It’s scary how time flies by.


Don’t be too late and capture those moments so that they’ll become memories that will take you back to those happy days. No matter, how much you would want to, your newborn isn’t going to stay that adorable, tiny, soft, delicious smelling creature! They constantly change and keep growing.


We recommend capturing your new arrival any time within the first 10 days- 2 weeks for those super cute sleepy baby photos. However it’s never too late, any time is a good time to have a photo session. We have so many clients that say to us, ‘I wish we had done some photos when they were tiny’. So book your photography session today and don’t miss you.


We just love newborn photography and we would be proud to be part of your memory making stories! Whatever your plans for this long weekend, make sure you have some lovely quality time with the children and family and why not take your camera out and make some of your own memories.


Happy Easter

Kate & Emily x





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