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I love newborn photography sessions.

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I sat snuggled in bed with my youngest the other night trying to remembering what he looked like when he was a tiny baby and thinking of all those newborn moments. It only felt like yesterday and now he is 6 years old! Feeling nostalgic I went and got all his newborn baby photographs out, and obviously I have lots of baby photographs to help me relive those precious times. I sat there for hours looking at them.


Photographs are such an important part of your children’s life they become etched into your memory. One photograph can bring back so many recollections just from the stories you repeatedly tell every time the photo comes out! You are taken back into that moment, it’s like pressing play on a paused movie, bringing it to life again with an instant flood of feelings.


Looking through those photographs transported me momentarily to the time when I was cradling him to sleep, nursing him and kissing his tiny hands. At that moment I was so grateful to have those photographs and memories.


I love what I do. My clients love what I do and come back year after year with each new newborn baby they have. I am proud to be part of their memory making stories.

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