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Kids Portrait Photography Timeline Singapore - Littleones Photography
Kids Portrait Photography Timeline Singapore – Littleones Photography


I found this lovely idea on YouTube the other day about a photographer who photographed his kids every month until they had grown up and had their own children.

It showed a beautiful, emotionally charged collection of images. Emphasizing how quickly the years we have with our kids go by.

The photographer put together the series of images and produced it to music and run it through as a ‘fast forwarded’ style movie – ‘time lapse’ kind of thing. It was amazing to see how the children changed and grew up over the years. So it gave me an idea! I have thousands of photographs of my children since they were newborns to now, 12 years worth in fact!

As a photographer I am very good at doing everyone else’s photographs but useless at doing my own! So I found a quiet moment (yes I do have some occasionally!) to go through my photos on the computer for my youngest son who is 5 years old.

It gave me the chance to reminisce about little things I had forgotten like silly faces he used to pull, what he looked like with his first curls, the first time he slept in a big boy bed.We all keep these precious memories secretly hidden away, which is terrible. So this is what I did. A small start, I know, but it will grow into something bigger and once I have completed it, I will share with you my children’s timelines.

Make a habit every month on the day they were born to take a photo. Then look back and get all nostalgic remembering all those firsts and the little things of your beautiful children growing up. Like first tooth, first steps, day at school, first time you could fit a hair clip in your Daughter’s hair!

Do something different and amazing with your photographs today! And be prepared to feel very nostalgic and broody! I did.


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