Outdoor Photoshoot Singapore For Family and Children

Family photographer in Singapore


Family photo shoot on your to-do list?

With the right planning, it needn’t be a chore. There are heaps of stunning locations dotted around Singapore (many of which may be right on your doorstep!) where we the professional photographers can capture your precious chidlren enjoying their freedom with minimal fuss.


As a family photographer in Singapore, we offer both location and studio shoots, we’ve been photographing children and families from all over the world for over 15 years.


We ensure that each session is well-planned out (sometimes depending on the children’s mood this might go out the window and we have to come up with a new plan), so we can capture the checklist of images in record time with no hanging around in the heat. We aim to keep the children engaged and entertained so it’s a relaxed and fun experience for everyone.


So, which locations are the most popular?

Here is the scoop on our favourite spots for families with children of all ages, from newborns and toddlers, to tweens and teens.


1. Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay or East Coast Park

“These are popular choices as place where families regularly hang out together – walking, cycling, flying kites or building sandcastles – and they make a perfect backdrop for happy, natural photographs,” says Kate.

Family photographer in Singapore

2. Shophouses

Whether they’re at Duxton Hill, Arab Street or Emerald Hill, Singapore’s historic buildings are full of character and make a beautiful visual memory of time spent in Southeast Asia. We recently photographed a family of five outside a shophouse in Emerald Hill to celebrate the memory of where the couple first met. Now that’s something to show the grandkids!


3. No place like home

Some clients prefer to have their shoot in their garden or condo grounds, so children can be captured running freely. If you’re the lucky tenant of one of Singapore’s iconic black-and-white properties, this is a must!


Family photographer in Singapore


4. The old railway line

The Green Corridor is another great location. One of our lovelies client cycled along the railway line as a child (and still does!) and chose to have his family photo shoot here to keep this memory going for the next generation.


5. Studio

You don’t have to head off to a location for great shots so if you prefer a studio session with air con our homely studio is located on the East Coast. In the studio we are able to record your family photographs on our signature images on the black and white background to create but fun and colourful images and classic black and white photographs. We also have a cute little garden at the studio so if you fancy a few images of the family outside we can pop down at the end of the end!

Family photographer in Singapore


Whether you’re leaving for your next posting, returning home after many happy years in Singapore, or want a keepsake memory of a place that’s special for your family, book a session with us and capture those memories!


Get in touch for more information info@littleonesphotography.com

Love Emily and Kate

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