Fun Corporate Portrait Photography

Corporate Portrait Photography
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This week we had the Survival Chic team in the studio for a corporate studio session with a twist. The team came into the studio on Monday morning and not only did they bring their outfits and props but a huge amount of sparkle, creativity and enthusiasm. The team had obviously spent a lot of time thinking about their photography session and had a clear idea of the kind of images they wanted to create to show their professional but also fun side. These images give a great insight into the spirit of Survival Chic -take a look at this dynamic fun and interesting team of lifestyle specialists!


I think the images highlight the true ethos of Survival Chic. For anyone that isn’t a member, Survival Chic is the go to place for insider tips on Singapore’s best food, wine, art and leisure events in Singapore. Check out the website


It’s lovely to be able to work with people that want to be creative and move away from the typical boundaries of the standard and sometimes stuffy corporate portrait images. Of course you have to have a professional photograph but now-a-days people want to have a bit more fun with the images to portray themselves as unique, fun and interesting. We had a great time photographing the team and are extremely pleased with the final design images. How often can you get guys to wear feather bowers!!

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