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Children Photography Singapore - Littleones Photography
Children Photography Singapore – Littleones Photography


I love big families, I grew up in a big family and am one of 4 siblings. Three Sisters and one Brother. My Brother still expresses his disappointment at not having a Brother to play with!


My Mum’s walls are covered with family photographs of us all as children growing up and when ever I return home to England I always spend time looking at them and reminiscing about the memories of family life when we were little. Whilst my Mum stands there and says, “it only seemed like yesterday you were all little and running around playing together” and then I pass her the tissues!


But it is true these childhood moments go so fast, even my own children are growing up before my every own eyes and every time I take a photograph of the children together, only a few months later I look at the photograph and think -they have changed all ready!


I met a beautiful family of 8 recently who came into in the studio to have some family photographs taken and they also wanted to capture their Newborn baby with his brothers and sisters.


Having six children to photograph, you would have thought it would have been a little crazy but it was a lovely chilled photography session and the family were so nice and relaxed it made the whole experience one, we all enjoyed.


I made some very classic and timeless Newborn photographs of the baby alone and then took some photographs with everyone together, to record this special time for the family. You can see some of the results from that family photography session above.


Taking children’s photographs is never the same from one family to the next. In the last 6 months I have done two children’s photography sessions with 6 siblings! And it is a joy and pleasure to capture the fun and laughter between the children. In big families I always remember my mum saying to people who questioned how she did it – her reply, ‘never a dull moment in our house!’

This is how I feel when I look at my photographs from children’s photography sessions. Never a dull moment!


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