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Big and little brothers…. Life Long Protector


If you have a brother you will all know growing up its a love hate relationship. They can be annoying and embarrassing and tease you for hours on end. But one day you realize that the annoying brother is actually going to always be your best friend and your biggest fan.

He will be your body-guard and stand up for you in the playground and protect you from the horrible boyfriend and cover for you when you get home late. He will drop everything and come running when you need him.

A brother loves you unconditionally – faults and all. He makes you laugh by being goofy and silly. He can tease you in a way no one else can. And a brother will never judge you and keeps your secrets safe.

Little brothers look up to you and think you are the best thing since sliced bread and want to grow up to be just like you. Look at the way the copy everything you do when you are little. You jump he tries to jump – it’s very cute.

When we get older life gets busy and we don’t always get a chance to keep up with each other. But that sibling bond is very powerful and should be celebrated.

Whether your children are babies and toddlers or tweens and teenagers, capturing that unique relationship between siblings is so special.  We all have photographs dotted around our parent’s homes that bring back very fond memories of growing up, so make a booking today with us and we can create some for you too!


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