Children’s photographer in Singapore

Siblings – I just love taking photos of brothers and sisters. When I look through the camera at how these amazing relationships play out I always see so much – who is the joker, the carer and even the competitiveness between siblings, never spoken but always there to be caught forever on film.  It is funny how regardless of how old you get your relationship with your siblings changes very little over the years.


I work with my little sister, Emily, here at Littleones and even though we are both working together as children’s photographers in Singapore, a far cry from our childhood home in the UK, our being sisters is a great bonus to our working lives.  We often know exactly what the other is thinking, what each other will like and we can always recognize and capture the same bond between siblings we photograph.


In the truest sense our little family business is all about families – so from marking milestones on film such as baby’s first steps, or losing a first tooth to capturing the essence of family relationships we love to excel.


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Children's Photographer in Singapore - Littleones Photography
Children’s Photographer in Singapore – Littleones Photography Sg

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