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Children and Pet Photography Littleones Photography
Children and Pet Portrait Photography


Happy New Year!

Having just completed our annual review of our favouite images, the years achievements as well as looking at our goals for 2013, we noticed that we have had an increasing number of children and family portrait photography sessions with their pets.  We have seen dogs of all breeds and sizes and have had a lot of fun along the way! I have just photographed my biggest dog ever, the beautiful Smirnoff who is a Blue Great Dane.

Photographing the children with their pet gives a very unique and personal portrait image.  We think it’s lovely that so many people include their pets in their family photography session. Many children have a special bond with their pets and the photographs show how they are very much part of the family.

Tip -If anyone in your family or your children would like to have a portrait photography session with their pets make sure you bring some treats or toys to keep them happy and get their attention. This will help capture that natural image of you and your children with your pets.

We look forward to seeing a greater variety of pets in the studio in 2013! Do you have a fun pet to bring into the studio?


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