Celebrating love this Valentines Day

With Valentines Day fast approaching, this week is always the busiest of the year for rose growers and florists around the world. A dozen long stemmed roses will never miss the mark but, as the commercial side of Valentines continues to grow, for me this day is all about spending time just celebrating love.


Much of my working life as a children’s photographer in Singapore does just this –  images of beautiful pregnant bumps, newborns or families and children are a permanent visual record of the love that abounds in all families.  So in reality most of my days are spent recognizing, capturing, and importantly giving people a very visual keepsake so they may celebrate the love in their own lives.


Now for me each Valentines Day, as a mum and married for many years the buzz of the day, which once was all about flowers and dinners, has morphed into taking the opportunity to recognize and cherish all the wonderful relationships I have that are totally about love.


Happy Valentine’s Day xox


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Children's Photography in Singapore - Littleones Photography
Children’s Photography in Singapore – Littleones Photography


Photographer in Singapore going App Happy

My love for mobile Photography!

I was taught back in college how to use a manual camera, master light and creatively capture an image and then skillfully work in a dark room to develop images. Now as a photographer in Singapore I spend much of my personal life capturing my family memories on my iphone and not my DSLR. I am constantly asked after posting images onto Facebook how I took that and where was I? Most of the time it was taken with my iphone and then edited with an app on my phone seconds later.


Someone once said to me ‘the best camera you have, is the one you have with you’ This really stuck with me because it doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive camera out there and what make it is, its about seeing what is around you and having the freedom and confidence to capture those moments.


Nowadays we can capture high quality images where ever we are and when ever the moment presents itself just by taking out the phone in our pockets!  Photography is unique to all of us in terms of how we see the world around us and how we interpret it. We will all compose the same scene differently – that’s the magic of being a photographer having the creativity to make ‘see’ and ‘make’ an amazing picture.


I get inspired all the time by seeing other people’s photos and love Instagram for this reason. Makes me more aware of all the opportunities around me everyday that I can capture and how I could be more creative in my picture taking.


The apps that I love to use are Instagram, EyeEm, Handy Photo, Snapseed and I started to use Diptic to put together collages of photos from a day out or school sports day. It’s a great way to share the essence of the event or day without having to bombard people with several uploads on FB!


Tips for iphone photography? Be creative and look for the unusual, be individual and capture and make photographs that you are interested in.

So go download the apps, take out your iphone and start telling your story and show everyone that your imagination has no limits!


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Photographer in Singapore - Littleones Photography
Photographer in Singapore – Littleones Photography

Voted Best Maternity Photographer

I had a beautiful expectant family in the studio recently and the mum to be, like all pregnant women, was more than a little nervous about photos of her gorgeous tummy.  The most wonderful thing about maternity photography is that we have never taken a bad photo of a mum to be  – bumps just seem to love our cameras.


Our recent recognition from Asian Parent website as the best maternity photographer in Singapore may highlight the quality of the photos we take, but capturing the sense of wonder, nerves and excitement in expectant parents is one of the best parts of my job.


These sessions invariably end up in lots of laughter as the reality of a bulging tummy can form the perfect canvas for bump messages but we always produce timeless images that simply show the love that is already immeasurable for these much anticipated babies.


I always have a sense of connection with mum and dad in these sessions, being a mum myself and recognizing the same emotions that we all feel at these most exciting times in life. This connection is even stronger when baby arrives and I get the opportunity to do their newborn photography during their first two to three weeks, already the centre of the family and at the beginning of life’s amazing journey.



Voted Best Family Photographer Singapore- Littleones Photography
Voted Best Family Photographer Singapore- Littleones Photography

Professional Photographer in Singapore

Having not long returned from a wonderful Christmas break with my entire family in the UK to a Singapore gearing itself up for Chinese New Year an overriding emotion has grabbed me – to celebrate family.  In every culture this bond between parent and child, brother and sister is the thing that puts the colour in our lives.  There were so many faces around our Christmas table last month just as there will be at the many Reunion Dinner tables here next week as we each create our own family stories.


lt is far too easy to get dragged down by the sheer number of things to do to make these festivals happen but remember, to put at the top of your list, to simply enjoy family. Whenever we have a family in the studio, be it large or small, capturing this feeling of togetherness, this bond on film is our most important goal and in my experience it is always there to be found.  As a professional photographer in Singapore I love to see, that regardless of the number of members or where they are from, every family has a unique love that, if I do my job right, can be captured on film forever.


Professional Photographer in Singapore - Littleones Photography
Professional Photographer in Singapore – Littleones Photography

Outdoor Family Photography Singapore

Happy new year, wishing you all a year of health and happiness.


I haven’t blogged for a while, the pre Christmas rush in the studio started last year in October! So little time to do anything else but photos sessions and client orders. Hence my new years resolution is to blog more!


I thought for my first blog of the year I would share some photos taken on location in England. This is perfect timing for some exciting news we will be announcing very soon for our clients looking for outdoor family photography in Singapore.


The wonderful and exciting aspect of location photography is the variety of viewpoints you have mixed together with natures colorful palette. I love being creative and bending the rules of photography to create stunning and visually interesting images. On location you can explore many different looks and styles from urban to classic. The urban landscape is very popular with the teenagers who want the edgy editorial look .


On the day of this outdoor photography session we were blessed with wonderful winter weather – blue sky with whispy white clouds and no rain! I chose the beautiful Peak District for its open green spaces for the perfect background. The colors are rich and contrasty.


Photographing families outdoors in a natural environment gives very candid results as people are relaxed and enjoying themselves.  It’s nice as a photographer to do something different and explore new ideas and concepts.


Outdoor family photography – Littleones Photography Singapore