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As Baby Photographers we often get asked when is the best time to capture children and babies by our clients? There are so many special milestones during a baby’s first year that choosing can be tough. So we decided to write down our favourite milestone to help you. 
  • Newborn
This is such a special moment in your life, stepping into parenthood and becoming a mummy or daddy. When your baby is first born they are usually pretty tiny and love getting swaddled and cuddled. We highly recommend to most new parents or even if this is baby number 2 or 3 or even 4, capturing your littleone within the first few weeks is such a special memory to keep forever. Your baby will only ever be this small and sleepy for such a short period of time and photographing their little toes, fast sleep and you holding them in your arms is truly magical. If you have other children (especially toddlers) and are wanting to capture those special sibling photographs, this is the best time to book in. Some families contact us with baby number two, to book for the newborn shoot and say they ‘regret not doing it for the first’ or ‘I wish we had captured this stage for little…. why didn’t we sign up before’. 
  • 3-4 Months – smiley time
 When your baby reaches 3-4 months old they will be developing and learning lots of new tricks. They become stronger and more interactive. At this stage they are really smiley and have learnt to giggle! This is such a happy and lovely age. We love taking photographs of your littleone laying and wriggling on their back.  We also use our lovely (professional) ‘newborn posing beanbag’ to position and take images of your littleone on their tummies, as their neck muscles are now strong enough to support them. They are now able to focus on certain objects and voices so we can get lots of eye contact. The infant still looks very baby like during these months so you can capture some lovely photos with the parents.  
  • Sitting up & Crawling

 This is the age when your baby will become more independent and starts learning to explore and move. They are often super proud of themselves for learning this new skill and love showing off. Around this age they often learn to pull themselves up and balance on their feet (usually with a bit of support from an object, or mum and dad). If they have older siblings, the interaction between the children is really lovely.  During this milestone we can capture lots of beautiful candid images of the kids playing and having fun together. 
  • Walking
Your baby’s first steps are magical. Capturing their expressions and their pure happiness at learning to walk is a perfect milestone to capture on film forever.  It’s the moment they start heading towards becoming a toddler. For some infants they might already be walking before their first birthday. 
We love to snap beautiful interactive images with parents walking and playing with their littleone or even walking all together holding hands. This can be done in the studio or on location.  
  • First birthday (cake smash time!)
 Celebrating the baby’s first birthday is often a very popular milestone for many parents. The baby has grown and changed so much over the past year.  From this tiny little bundle, to a bonny baby full of character and personality. To capture this special moment, two years ago Littleones Photography exclusively launched the super popular Cake Smash Photography Session.  This has proven to be a massive hit with families in Singapore.  The littleones love getting messy and smashing up the cake. These photo shoots are full of fun and laughter for the littleone and their parents. We love to snap some gorgeous family photos during these sessions too.  We love creating different backdrops and themes for our shoots using bunting, and balloons.  This combined with a cute little outfit makes for candid and unique photographs for the parents to love and remember. 
We absolutely adore working with children and families and have been baby photographers for over 15 years.  During these wonderful times we have amassed a multitude of tips and tricks to enable us to get the best from all our baby photography sessions.  
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Love Emily & Kate

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