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We first met the Taylor Family at a school fair where we were displaying our family and children photography artwork and services. The mum was very keen to book an outdoor family photography shoot around Singapore  She wanted to capture the essence of life in Asia and have a lovely memory of where the kids had grown up. 


During our discussion I recommended the beautiful Joo Chiat area as a potential location for their photo shooting. We love photographing this iconic area of Singapore as it’s full of colourful doorways, traditional walkaways and has hidden charm. We agreed on the location and date and discussed potential outfit ideas.


Lots of families worry about what to wear during the shoot, and what colours look best. We provide lots of advice and guidance to our clients based on the type of session booked and whether they having a studio or outdoor shoot. We always advise checking out our previous shoot images for outfit ideas on our Facebook and Instagram pages and provide a link to our ‘Inspiration for Outfits‘ Pinterest board as well. Most clients find this extremely helpful and love the attention to detail we offer. As a full service photography studio we want our clients to love every aspect of the photography experience with us, from planning for the shoot, the shoot itself, choosing their images during the image presentation appointment and finally receiving their beautiful keepsake products. 


We recommend booking an outdoor session either early morning or late afternoon.  The Taylor Family opted for an evening shoot.  Early evening the light tends to be lovely and soft and it’s a little less hot, so more comfortable conditions for the whole family. We spent an hour walking the streets around Joo Chiat and finding new and interesting backdrops for their family portraits. We love capturing the different combinations and relationships’ of family members in our images, so that we can create and showcase a wonderful family story.  The sibling and family photos are usually the most important, so we ensure we spend time perfecting these photos and capturing those real smiles and expressions.


The shoot was really fun and the kids (well nearly teens) really enjoyed walking around where they used to live. They had a very cheeky and fun personality so there were lots of jokes, games and laughing. It was Claire’s 13th Birthday coming up so it was a perfect time to capture updated portraits. It had been many years since the family had had a photo shoot and the mum kept saying the kids look so different now. We all know that sadly children grow up and change quickly over the years, so capturing all those changes and memories over the years is something we always intend to do but always forget.  It’s usually one of the things that slips our minds or quickly drops down the priority list, but something that can give you years and years of pleasure, reminiscing and remembering those special moments.


For this reason we believe our job is one of the most wonderful and valued jobs in the world.      So if you are updating your family photos are on your ‘to do list’ get in touch today. To find out more about our services and the experience call us today on 6440 7568 or email


Love Emily & Kate


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